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Abandon Mentality is a point-and-click first person virtual escape room game. The player is playing as a young girl whose curiosity has led her into a mentally insane patient’s game. The player loads into the game in front of the now locked entrance to the abandoned asylum. The mental patient has given them a map of the asylum, a stopwatch with 60 minutes set on it and a sheet of paper with 5 hex codes on it. For the player to win, they must successfully complete all the puzzles in the game and escape before the time runs out.


Escape rooms are growing in popularity physically, and there are tons of small digital escape rooms. However, most of the digital escapes room involve tapping to reveal items, unlocking doors and maybe deciphering a word. There are only a few that involve moving around and completing intriguing thought out puzzles. So that is what I wanted to try to create. The opportunity came along during my Game Development course in college.


We used Unity and the first-person camera controller they provide. Since time was limited, I bought the Asylum environment from the Unity Store for the game. (Linked Below) Then we used Github to collaborate our code. I created the base game and got it uploaded to Github and distributed. Then everyone created their own branch and worked on their individual puzzles.


As Iris grew up in the small town of Byberry, Pennsylvania, her mother always told her never to go near the building at the end of the street. As she grew up, her curiosity increased. She researched into the building and found out it was an old asylum and the most concerning part, why it was closed down. Many people went in but not all of them came out. Those that did get released were found dead two days after their release.
The year is now 2002, Iris’s curiosity is peaked, she keeps hearing and reading things happening within the asylum that was closed 12 years ago. She sneaks out and heads for the asylum. It is mostly in ruins, graffiti everywhere. She pries open the door, squeezes in, only for it to slam back shut behind her. She hears a mechanical whirring and metal scraping on metal. Her fear peaks as she realizes, she is trapped. All of a sudden, everything goes black.
Later she wakes up in the asylum with a map, and a watch that's set to 1 hour. She had heard rumors of the mentally-deranged patient living underneath the asylum in the catacombs, but never did she expect it to be true. He is claimed to trap any explorers inside and give them only two options, an excruciating death at his hands or for them to complete his game and escape. She only had one option.


Puzzle Genre Horror Genre Escape Genre
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Abandoned Asylum Environment