Office Madness


This was the first game I ever programmed. This is a small game where I recreated my office and implemented a third-person shooter tutorial from online. The goal of the game is to beat each level of the shooter game to “hack” into three of the computers in the office that increase in difficulty each level.


This was a little less than a month-long Unity project in my media arts class. We only had the restrictions that it had to be made in Unity and done in less than a month. I always wanted to create a game, so I was ecstatic that I finally got the chance. I had only scarcely seen Unity prior so I was mostly just seeing what I could create in the given time.


To develop this small game, I used various resources available to me. I used Unity’s built in environment creation tools in order to design a room similar to the office I worked in. I also used an online tutorial to implement the shooter game that unlocked each level. I altered the shooter game to make each successive level more difficult. Then finally I used my C# knowledge to implement the ability to interact with each of the computers, determine if the player had completed the levels and update the mini game to increase in difficulty each level.


You have decided to hack into your bosses computers. There are three bosses in total. You must hack them all in order to successively learn their coding secrets. The bosses are known for putting top security on their computers. Good luck getting pass their locks.


Shooter Genre
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Link to the Online Unity Tutorial Used:

Survival Shooter Tutorial