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Merciless Renewal is a first-person simulation game. The player must divide their time efficiently between cleaning the buildings and playing the villagers in casino games to win animals and money. The overall goal is to restore the farm back to its original condition. For the player that means upgrading all the buildings to level 2 and filling them with the max number of animals. Currently there are two animals that must be obtained; cats and chickens. Their corresponding games are Catjack and Chicken Keno. The first follows blackjack rules and the second keno rules. If the player fails to clean a building and the clean meter hits 0%, animals within the building die. If there are no animals, then the building decays. If all the buildings hit level 0, then the player loses the game and has failed to bring honor back to the farm.


The reason I decided to make this game is because minigames are one of my favorite attributes in large games. For example, Gwent in The Witcher or the casino games in Red Dead Redemption 2. Therefore, I wanted to create a game where the user had to play multiple minigames to succeed. This game was created in my second round of my game design class. The main goal was to create a fully playable game for my portfolio.


Merciless Renewal was created in the Unreal Engine. I created the menus and UI elements using photoshop and illustrator then imported them into Unreal. Widget blueprints were used to create the UI structure of the game. I continued to use Unreal's blueprint editor system in order to program the game.


Recently your grandfather passed away and you inherited the family owned farm. Sadly, it is in terrible state and needs renovation. Not only are the buildings in terrible state but there are no animals on the farm! Your grandfather's dying wish was for you to bring honor back to the family farm.


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