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Portrait of a Tree is a third-person, 3D, side scroller, adventure game. The goal of the game is to collect the flowers of her land and increase her powers so she can defeat the excavation crew before they destroy the artifact that can save the world. The player must defeat all the enemies and collect all the power flowers in the level before they can win the level.


This game was created for my advanced video game design class. We were free to use any game engine we wanted and 2D or 3D. My partner and I were big fans of Horizon Zero Dawn and wanted something with a similar atmosphere to it. My partner came up with the backstory and I developed it.


For this project we used Unreal Engine. He used the level editor provided with the engine to create the level design. I used the tools provided by Unreal to add the animations and create the menus. For this project I also used Unreal’s Blueprints Visual Scripting system to code the game. Since time was limited, we used 3D assets for the character and the enemies.


Earth is dying. Entire ecosystems have been drained of life. It has been years since a healer has been among the population. Myla, our main character, is sent from home to uncover the mysteries that surround the events unfolding. The world leaders have become desperate to find a solution and heard rumors of an ancient culture once having an artifact within a tree that could restore life to the world. The leaders have resorted to bringing a private military excavation crew to excavate the forests of Myla’s people in hopes of finding the artifact. Not knowing what the object of power is, only working off rumors, they tear through the forest in search for the object. It is Myla’s goal to get to the artifact before the excavation team and restore life to the world before the crew dooms humanity by destroying it.


Adventure Genre
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Link to Character Model Used for Player:

UE4 Mannequin