Vengeful Orbs

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Vengeful Orbs is the first game I created with Unreal Engine. It is a first-person shooter mainly with a side of adventure. It is a small game demo where the player must destroy all the orbs in the level to win. There are three different orbs, corresponding to my bosses at my job at S3D. Then 5 orbs for each boss. My bosses suggested the game idea when I asked for ideas for this project, so I created it. The player loads into a map developed by Epic Games with a gun and two orbs in their face. The war against orbs has begun.


In my media arts class, we could do any project we wanted for our final project. I decided to create a small Unreal game for my final project.


This project was created in Unreal Engine using their blueprint system. I am not a 3D modeler therefore an environment provided by Unreal was used for this project.


The orbs have taken over the castle, they have declared an orb war. It is your job to stop them! Find all the orbs and destroy them. Quickly! You are our last hope.


Shooter Genre Adventure Genre
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Link to Unreal Environment Used:

Infinity Blade: Grass Lands