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Backers and Hackers Event

We got the opportunity to take the application to the Backers and Hackers event hosted at USC. During this competition we had to present our application to various people and judges. We ended up winning first place in the competition.

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Gamers Central is a mobile application created for people who love games, go to a lot of conventions and conferences or both. The application allows users to keep track of the games they have played and the conventions/conferences they have attended. Once a user has played a game or attended an event then they are given the option to rate it. Based on the ratings the user has given, the application uses its algorithms to suggest new games and events for the user to play or attend, respectively. For example, if a user loved a certain game with a developer named Bob Smith and Bob Smith was going to be at a conference or convention near them, then it would suggest that event to them. If the user loved a game that had the tags RPG and Adventure, then it would suggest games with those tags. In addition to serving those that enjoy games and events, it allows creators of games and events to advertise their products and increase their attendees.


Being a full-time student and working 2 jobs outside of school, I would play a game and then later not remember playing the game or if I liked it or not. I decided it would be nice to have an application where I could add the games once I played them and rate them. I got to attend Dragon Con for the first time and expanded my original idea to also include events. A lot of games and conventions/conferences can be tied together so it would be convenient to have an application that could suggest new things to play or attend based on what I have already enjoyed. When I took a Mobile Application Design class I got the opportunity to share my idea and work with another female student to develop my idea.


My group used the mobile application framework called Apache Cordova in addition to the Ionic framework. Cordova and Ionic allows for quick building to multiple platforms including web, android and iOS otherwise known as hybrid application development. The Parse database was used to store all the user information in addition to all the games and events.

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Software Used in the Project
Ionic Framework Cordova Framework Parse Database