Healthy Spirits


Healthy Spirits is a mobile application developed to allow users to calculate the nutritional values for their mixed drinks based on ingredients. Common mixed drinks are already included in the database for the user to be able to get the recipe and see the nutritional information. Therefore, the application serves as a recipe database as well as a nutritional calculator. The application provides a large database populated with common drink ingredients for the users to select from when creating a new drink recipe in addition to allowing them to add new ingredients. Users can create accounts for the application. Once an account is made their created recipes can be saved and opened later. Once the user creates an account, they can connect their Facebook which allows them to share their creations or other drinks from the database they have tried. Users can rate the drinks with a thumbs up or thumbs down and the ratings of the drink will be shown on the drink detail page.


This application was an idea I had came up with while having to undergo a strict diet. I was having to keep up with my nutrition intake and came to find out that most restaurants do not provide the nutritional information for their mixed drinks. I tried to find websites and applications to help me with this and while there are many that can calculate nutritional values for meals and food items, alcoholic beverages were not included. So, I decided this would be a great application to create, and when my Capstone project came around, I submitted the idea and it was accepted.


My group used the mobile application framework called Apache Cordova in addition to the Ionic framework. Cordova and Ionic allows for quick building to multiple platforms including web, android and iOS otherwise known as hybrid application development. The Parse database was used to store all the user information in addition to all the drink recipes and ingredients.

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Software Used in the Project
Ionic Framework Cordova Framework Parse Database